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One Two Go Transport – Terms & conditions

Our fares from / to the airports (CDG / Orly / Beauvais) are the transport of passengers and their luggage in the limit of two per person. For extra luggage, please advise us, that way a rate will be establish case by case, otherwise, an additional fee may be applied and remain at the discretion of the driver. Also considered are the luggage bags and backpacks standard model. The bikes, snowboards, animal body, furniture are not considered as baggage and therefore are not included in the fares, so its must be reported on the booking resquest.

The waiting time at the airport for the service "pick up" is 30 minutes on average. It should be noticed that we expected 30 minutes after the landing of the aircraft the time for customers to take their luggage before going to the meeting point. Consider a maximum waiting time of one hour for the driver, hence the need to use the office number. In addition, over 1 hour waiting time, an additional fee may be applied and remain at the discretion of the driver.

For departure pick up, the meeting point is outside the hotel or at the address given on the booking, 3 hours before the takeoff of the plane or at the time indicated when booking. One Two Go Transport can not be held responsible for incidents occurring after a customer' delay. In case of any delay, the driver will wait 15 minutes, after what an additional fee may be applied and remain at the discretion of the driver. We always ask passengers to give us a 15 clear minutes due to road traffic hazards.

Any object forgotten in vehicles is not our responsibility. If an object is found in the vehicle, the cost of sending it remains the responsibility of its owner.

The drivers can refused passengers while intoxicated, or whose behavior may cause problems during the transfer in their vehicle. In this case, the client is still required to pay the transfer amount.

When One Two Go Transportat can not realized a transfer previously confirmed at least 24 hours before departure and a replacement vehicle has been sent, we refund the customer for the difference between Service One Two Go Transportation and the transport (on presentation of invoice and complete and for a equivalent service). This refund is valid only if the customer has contacted us at least 48 hours after the scheduled transfer, and if we have confirmed that One Two Go Transportation could not realized it.

One Two Go Transportation can not be held responsible of delay in case of:

- Strikes or political demonstrations leading to traffic delays.
- Signifie and road accidents leading to traffic delays.
- Exceptional bad weather for Paris and its region.